Tigin Irish Pub

Tigin Irish Pub in Downtown St. Louis opened on Dec. 7th, 2007. We closed our doors, due to the Covid-19 shutdown on March 19th, 2020.

We thought this closure would be relatively short term temporary; initially a few weeks, then a few months. Now it’s been a full year. We think downtown St.Louis will bounce back from the pandemic eventually and when it does we would love to continue to be a part of it. However, for now, we’ve made the decision to close the pub indefinitely.

A great pub is like an extended family, made up of the people who worked here and those we had the honor of serving. To everyone who worked at Tigin, thank you for all your support over the years. To our family of loyal customers who live in St. Louis and all around the country, thank you as well. One of our greatest sources of pride is that Tigin felt like a little piece of home for all of you.

We will always hold the memories of our times at the Pub, and the people who made them, in a very special place. As a family we experienced a lot and COVID has taught us you never know what the future brings. So, we’re waiting for downtown to bounce back and, when it does, we will look at our options again.

Until then….

Libby Baer
Kieran McGill