Private Events at Tigín: A Unique Event Venue in Stamford

Now is the Time for Small Gatherings

Irish hospitality is alive and well and we can’t wait to share it with you. Know that we will do it safely.

We are taking numerous precautions to make sure personal and corporate events are safe, socially distanced and responsibly organized. That includes limiting the size of events and where and when we do them.

We look forward to chatting with you about your event.  Call 203-353-8444 or email and we will follow up with you regarding availability and pricing.



Seating & Event Space

The pub has a number of unique areas all featuring different design motifs inspired by old and new Ireland. Many feature private ‘snugs’ that are unique to Irish Pubs. Let us know what you’re looking for!

  • people cheersing drinks
  • full table with drinks
  • growler bar
  • people passing plates

Get Started Today

Tigin is a wonderful place to celebrate with a group. Our goal is to help create an memorable event and to make evaluation and booking process easy. Give us some basic info and we’ll respond back with information on availability.

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