My World Cup Hangover

July 17th, 2014

After any good binge, there’s always that dreaded feeling of regret. You know it, right? It’s an irrational, melancholy take-over that (for me) so often happens after a great night out with friends and one too many.  Could be my age (yes, it’s because of my age) but I always wake up entirely too early and feel the loss.  And, it just never syncs up.  Even if I had spent the previous night (how I intended) staying up late, laughing, and sharing stories with good friends. Always …the next day, it hits. Whoomp. Back to reality.  Everything ends.


For the past month, I have done little else besides talk about, read or watch soccer. I was on a World Cup binge and now I am paying the consequences. Granted, I do work for an Irish Pub so it is technically my JOB to behave this way …it doesn’t make it any more normal though. And lucky for me, as a fan of the sport and the spectacle, the World Cup was everything I hoped it would be;  world class soccer, sensational stories on and off the field and an exceptional showing by the US Men’s National Team AND the American fanbase.  And, despite a skeptical press, Brazil was a great host while Germany, the complete team, proved to be the consummate champions in the end.


TEN SECOND TIME OUT: Just 1 last replay of the Mario Götze goal here.


Yet, just like a great night out (but TIMES 20) its now over and I am left with a massive hangover that absolutely requires a remedy…wet the hair of the dog. Pronto.


First, I’ve got my reliable go-to in the summer, the MLS, which is host to national heroes Dempsey, Beasley and Beckerman (to name a few). And it’s certainly nice to see them back and scoring goals (well, specifically Dempsey scoring goals for Sounders FC)


But, if like me you need something a bit ‘stronger’ for your World Cup hangover cure, luckily we now have the International Champions Cup – sponsored by Guinness (bonus!).

From July 24 – August 4, you’ll get a sorta random mix of eight teams representing the Premiership, SuperLeague Greece, La Liga, and Serie A in 2 groups.  Although it may be random, the teams are top class to be sure.  Now, I do feel a bit badly for the players that their summer is cut short (ok, not really) but this mini soccer tourney affords us American fans the opportunity to see the best in the world in our stadiums, namely Denver, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia and Miami. I have tickets to the game in Charlotte and, I am not going to lie, Suarez up and leaving the EPL for Barcelona FC (and 128 million dollars) is a stinker. I am though still pretty stoked to see Liverpool FC take on AC Milan nonetheless! And, Fadó Pubs that are located in host cities are thrilled to host these games too. So, be sure to sign up for our email for must-know details on bus trips, viewing parties and even special Manchester United meet and greets with Legends Players!  TV coverage isn’t mainstream but every self respecting soccer bar (better) be showing these games live …so just consider the ICC (and all its stars) a nice Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning. It will sooth our heads as we countdown to the start of the EPL season. On August 10, Arsenal take on Manchester City in the annual Community Shield. Then, on August 16 we are back with a full day of games starting at the crack of dawn. And, that’s when we fall off the wagon again. Hard.


Btw – fair to say Everton FC is going to sell a few extra Howard jerseys this year, right? And, I couldn’t be more happy for Tim [Brand] Howard …he’s legend and he’s getting paid.