Sharing The Miracle Moment

June 19th, 2014

“When USA scored against Ghana, the pub shook. Literally shook”.


That’s all I heard over and over on Monday. That statement & those pub videos were broadcast over the interwebs and text messages en masse because those USMNT soccer fans wanted to mark the fact that they were there and shared, with so many others, a moment. And, trust me, if any USA fans were there for that OTHER World Cup moment in 2010 then they were making comparisons about the decibel levels. And, what I hope that the game against Ghana demonstrates to American Sports fans about soccer   ….ANYTHING can happen.


#IBelieveWeWillWin is a thing.   Ghana had every right to win that game (uh-um, 63% possession), but what makes soccer so fantastic as a fan is that in any given moment, with enough heart and determination, your team can make miracles happen.  Yes, I just said miracle.


And, when it does …you or, better the place you are watching ERUPTS, like in Columbus, OH at Fadó with 2,000 strong.


But, there are 32 teams in this tournament and as much as it feels like its all about the RED WHITE AND BLUES …the spirit of this Cup is full of these moments for other fans of other countries as well.  With social media we stamp it and follow it. So, if you aren’t one of the lucky ones that saved up all his vacation for this tournament, and perhaps you have missed a game or two, you can catch up quickly -even if its through a vine clip.

Indeed the SocceRoos put up a gallant fight against the Dutch and we certainly witnessed the goal of the World Cup so far by Tim Cahill (seriously, watch the video clip above). The entire game was fantastic and Netherlands won in the end. Cahill will no doubt go down in Aussie history as a hero regardless.

Guillermo Ochoa of Mexico (technically a rival of the US) ….God Bless that man, I was happy to see him keep a clean sheet against Brazil. Don’t think I have ever been on the edge of my seat for a 0-0 draw.  And, just like that #Ochoa is trending.

Spain? Done. Yea, you are lying if you predicted this.  It started with Robin Van Persie who caught some serious air to score a great goal against them in their 1st game and I’m guessing RVP was more than happy to pick the grass out of his teeth for it. Naturally >> #Persieing becomes a thing. But, now #Spainout is a thing too.

Reminiscence of France in 2010 but not really because France didn’t come into the tournament with 3 major consecutive trophies in their cabinet.

But, even in defeat, at least this fella had a moment. #Score



In the end, these headlines should reinforce the need to plan your Cup better. A doctor’s appointment here, a dentist appointment there …if planned properly, will ensure that you don’t miss that special moment.


USA faces Portugal June 22.  There are a few scenarios that could unfold in the group still so just plan to be there.  #IbelieveWeWillwin ….and I am damn sure that I will be there for that next moment.


Fans have been capturing the spirit of the games in photos. Keep ‘em coming and we’ll keep pouring (ie. free beer!). Follow at and tag your World Cup photos at #fadogram

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