It’s Finally Here. We’re Ready. Are You?

June 11th, 2014

June 12 is the Big Day. We’ve been counting down for so long, I can’t believe it’s actually here! Because, for a soccer bar like Fadó, the preparation has been underway for months. You’re going to love what we’ve done to the place. Put it this way: We’re WAY more ready than Rio.

Check this out:

#1 We’re giving away a Million dollars. Yes, we actually thought it was a good idea to convince the Boss to let us do a bracket challenge with a $1 MILLION prize! Why? ….Well, because, no one is as psyched about World Cup as we are. Just be sure to Register before the 4pm et kick off on June 12 (if you do miss that  –slacker– we’ve got special prizes based on scoring across rounds)


#2 Overhauling our sound and HDTVs – we’ve upgraded our audio and the old big screens (and brought in some more!). We will show ALL 64 games live and no matter where you sit or stand you can see a screen.

Big Screen Projector

#3 Putting together a great menu for game day — apps and sandwiches and a selection of beers on offer. Yes, we actually considered that you may want to be be able to eat while standing up.

 Bleu Cheese and Lamb Sliders Hoegaarden


#4 Rewarding our fans all tournament long! We kinda love Instagram so we wanted to reward fans for photos posted while celebrating at the pub. Just give us a follow @fadoirishpub on Instagram and tag your World Cup photos #fadogram.  $100 Gift cards rewarded weekly (i.e. Beer)!

The Fans

And, it’s all come together! But, while we were tackling our list, everyone else was getting into it too – the soccer pundits – even investment banks were going crazy over team selections, venues, injuries, and relationship gossip


…and then the big money ads started popping up:


Nike Commercial – Winner Stays


Remi Gaillard’s Tricks


McDonald’s Tricks Ad even…


And, my favorite …Beats by Dre Commercial – The Game before the Game


….all of which give me goosebumps.


SO, here we are: Opening day-  June 12, 2014.  JLo and Pitbull are set to open the pre game show at 3pm ET featuring the official World Cup song, We Are One, (and with 74 million hits so far, who cares if its cheesey, right?!)



Because Brazil and soccer go together like bikinis and beaches. There’s this guy: Pelé, the global ambassador of the sport and a living legend. There’s the trophies – 5 – no other team has managed that.  But, it’s more than Brazil’s storied soccer history.  It’s Rio …and, the beaches (Copacabana Beach  …are you kidding me?!) and the parties.


I’ll just say, if soccer is the beautiful game, Brazil, the melting pot of ethnicity and culture, is home of the beautiful people. It’s a match made in heaven.


And, like Brazil, what makes a great soccer bar TRULY special isn’t actually all the stuff I listed above (yea, who doesn’t like a Stella and a burger offer), it’s THE PEOPLE. The fans. The colors. The roar. The singing. The joy. The tears.


On game day, when you walk into the our bar you will see all of that and that is what makes it great. We call it “Fandamonium


For me, when I walked into Fadó by the recommendation of a friend in summer of 1998 (a.k.a. France ‘98), 2 things have stayed in my memory:

#1 – a Sea of Color: baby blue & white (Argentina) and white & red (England)


#2 – a Party: I am talking about a full on, line out the door (in the middle of the day) LOUD party.

If you are an expat, like my husband, you are in heaven. If you are American, you are enthralled ….and, if you are any type of sports fan, you know there is nothing like it. Not the Super Bowl, the World Series. Nothing. It is the world’s greatest sporting event.


Yea, so June 12 is a pretty big day. Opening Ceremony starts at 3pm and Brazil v Croatia Kick off at 4pm. And, the party starts whenever the heck you want …we’ll be waiting for you.