Tigin Irish Pub


Tigín is a Gaelic word meaning small cottage.

Inspired by the environment of the Irish cottage and its essential hearth, we’ve created something very special –encompassing both modern amenities and traditional values—a place for the traveler to find comfort.

Tigín is no novel invention.  We’re merely following a proud tradition that stems from laws that have governed Irish hospitality for five hundred years. Ancient Irish Law dictated hosts had to provide food, drink, a warm bed if possible, and entertainment.

Friendliness, humor, hospitality, fine Irish food and drink: all these combine to create the Tigin Irish Pub experience. When you want to meet with friends to share in good conversation, good food and good drink, Tigin Irish Pub is your place.

We are fanatical about pouring the best pint in town, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, European Sports, Blues Hockey and generally having fun doing what we do.

So come on down, have a pint and be part of the family.

Libby  Baer