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Soccer Genius to Win a Million Bucks at Fadó – Is it You?

May 19th, 2014

World Cup fandom in the US keeps getting bigger and bigger. And, this year, with Brazil as the host nation, it’s certain to be EPIC (an epic party if nothing else, eh?) So, with Fadó being the best place to watch soccer and all,  we have decided to raise the stakes and go big too. Like, Coke big. Adidas big. Under Armour BIG. Like, the badass Nike  — “Winner Stays” — commercial BIG.

Well, never mind those guys ….we are going Fadó BIG.  How does the chance to win $1 Million sound? That’s pretty big, right?

Now, we aren’t completely crazy. We’re not just throwing a million bucks at some random punter.  You gotta know your stuff- and have a little luck in your back pocket too.  You’ll need to  fill out our $1 Million Bracket Challenge by the deadline and guess all 63 games correctly. Then you win.


Our customers talk a good bit of smack at the pub –  team stats and player facts, like which teammate is having an affair with which WAG …it is stored in your brains and it is time to put all that knowledge to good use; The Fadó $1 Million Bracket Challenge.


Here’s what you need to know (so you can’t complain later on Twitter you missed the deadline) and you could actually walk away with a cool  $1 Million prize!


Contest registration began May 15 and ends at 12:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, June 28.

**We’re calling this the (wait for it) …“The Registration Period”**


How to Play:

1) Visit the contest site and complete the Registration Form to obtain your username and password.

(Must be 21 and over to play and you must live in a state where we have a pub AND where it’s legal)


2) Predictions: We’re giving you a couple of ways to play here:

Group Stage: Predict the outcome of all (48) matches prior to each match.

Bracket Stage: Submit your Stage 2 Bracket Predictions for all (15) matches. Note: The Bracket Stage Predictions must be submitted between June 26 (after team selections are set) and June 28 (prior to the start of the first match of Stage 2)


3) Terms and Conditions  

Click the submit button to submit your on-line registration. Any incomplete or illegible entries will be disqualified. Maximum of one entry per person.


So that’s it!  And, the only question you should have at this point is …how am I going to spend a million bucks?